Even more precious

2013, Maurice Clerc
Translated by Abhi Dattasharma

Even more precious
As time marches and treads
But sometimes, when you are sleeping
And years retreat

 I dream that the days
That will arrive are more
 In number than the ones
We have lived before.

That the blooming spring
That the summer bright
The spirit of autumn
And winter at the fireside

 Will be for long, the picture
Of our lives intertwined
In carefree comfort
Forgetting the passing time.

But life slips through the fingers
No matter what you dream you do.
The slow decline of the flesh
We need to face it too.
Every new daybreak
Is like an act of grace
Even more precious
As time passes.

Alas, Time devours
All its children, yes.
But death is irrelevant
For love is what that stays.

I press your hand, firmly
And give you a kiss, I.
Even more precious
As time passes by.

I squeeze your hand, hard
Sometimes so tired it lies
But even more precious
As time passes by.